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Phone: 507-520-4376 Email: shows@stage1sound.com Home location: Blue Earth MN 56013
Booking Information

When you book Stage 1 Sound, be assured you will not become just another dollar sign on the list. Each event I do is different because I cater to your specific needs.

When should you book? As soon as you have the date set. It is important to know where you are planning to hold the event as there are some venues that are just too small or have too many stairs for me to play at. Please see my requirements on the equipment page. I work on a first-come, first-serve basis. No date is held until a contract has been mailed for a specific date. No date is booked until a signed contract with deposit has been received.

I do require a $250 booking fee/deposit. It is not refundable. This is essentially used as collateral to guarantee that I have a date booked. If it is necessary to move your date, you may move it to any date I have open without affecting the deposit. Bear in mind that changing venues could result in more mileage charges. This amount is credited to your total.

Regarding deposits and contracts: Any DJ that does not use a working contract, or other form thereof, puts you at risk. They are not legally obligated to your event if they did not send a contract for you to sign. All too often I get calls from people whose DJs "backed out" on them. Be wary of verbal agreements!

I require a deposit and a signature. This ensures that I will make good on the contract signed. I will not back out on your booking with me. There may be unforeseen circumstances where I am unable to fulfill the contract. This has never happened yet. I will, at your approval, refund the deposit, work with you to find a replacement DJ or forward the deposit to another DJ. It is more likely that I can find you another DJ than you could yourself. One reason for this is the established trust of our business. Please ask if you need some assistance.

Once you have decided to book Stage 1 Sound, I mail you a contract, and a planner sheet if applicable.  The contract is to be signed and returned with the deposit due. A white copy of the contract is also included as your receipt. If you would like a contract marked "paid," please ask.

I will call you when your signed contract arrives. From there, we keep in touch and discuss details at regular intervals or as needed prior to the date.  I am happy to meet you in person with no commitment prior to booking.