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Phone: 507-520-4376 Email: shows@stage1sound.com Home location: Blue Earth MN 56013
Stage 1 Sound puts the main focus of the event on you. I won't jabber incessantly, tell lame jokes or play games you didn't request.

I will play your requests as quickly as possible and be respectful to everyone.

I will pay attention to those in attendance for clues that will make the dance unique to the setting.

I will always arrive ahead of schedule and be prepared.

I will provide you with professional results that you expect from a professional service.

Weddings are very special events and Stage 1 Sound specializes in weddings. There are many things to plan for besides music at the reception, but the wedding reception dance is one of the most memorable events of the day for everyone. It gives your guests a chance to be directly involved, not just a spectator. Every show I do is as unique as each individual in attendance. The music selection is so great most people have a hard time narrowing down which songs they want to hear from such a list. You can be sure I won't overlook the details you want included.

Click for either a word or .pdf copy of the wedding reception planner to use for your reception, then either e-mail or mail it to us.  Please see the listing for available music and equipment.

School dances can be held for many reasons- proms, homecoming, or just because. Stage 1 Sound offers a concert-grade sound and light show to give the students a "club-like" atmosphere and music that is hot on the charts for a price that fits most school's budgets. Music is edited for content and requests are always accepted and a variety of music will be played no matter what.

Anywhere music is an appropriate background or foreground need, Stage 1 Sound has the music and equipment to meet the needs of all ages and venue. Stage 1 Sound does not offer karaoke services. I feel that karaoke is best suited when a dedicated karaoke service offers it.


Everyone loves an outdoor party. Whether it is on a farm with a bonfire and friends or on main street with the whole community, outdoor events are unique. Stage 1 Sound has the capability to clearly reach 100 yards. Stage 1 Sound has the equipment to perform in most weather conditions. If your city or family is planning on a street dance or a barn party, give me a call! We also provide sound for bands wanting to do outdoor concerts.


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