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Phone: 507-520-4376 Email: shows@stage1sound.com Home location: Blue Earth MN 56013

Surprisingly or not, you are not going to find a list of packages with prices to choose from on my site. While a page titled "pricing" might seem misleading then, I find it important to find out what you value most in the money you might decide to spend on entertainment. When you call or email me, you will get a quick response. However, you might not get a price immediately because I need more information from you than "Hi, I was wondering about your price." I do not operate a business that is registered, insured, advertises and stays current on everything in the name of 'fun.' I do not run this business 'for cash' on the side, either. If you are looking for cheap, please look elsewhere.

Every event I do is specific to your needs. All of my pricing is based on the entire scope of your event from start to finish, I don't sell "packages." I bring all of my talent and equipment with me. The size of venue and space allowed for me determines the amount of equipment that will be set up at your next event. You have better things to think about than to decide what amount of equipment will be needed to cover your space. You have hired a professional, so leave it in the hands of a pro. I have very high standards for audio quality and will never sell you short of the best.

A price quote given to you will include all fees. I prefer not to give a quote over the phone unless you truly are just too far away geographically to meet in person. I feel the personality of a DJ needs to fit you better than a price.
My rates may be different depending on the time of day, year or season. I have a trained assistant with me to help keep the event on track. You will be hard-pressed to find a better value in music, the audio power and lighting show.

All wedding quotes include dinner music, a wireless microphone for use with toasts and announcements and setup prior to arrival of the guests. I plan on making your event my only plan for the day. I only consider providing you a complete, seamless service from setup until load-out.

I always set up prior to the arrival of guests. Why?
     * I need a few hours to set up properly and neatly- so it isn't possible to set up after the meal and prior to the dance unless you plan on waiting. Even then, I don't really consider a reception ready if everything is not already in place when you arrive.
     * I always do a sound-check at various volume levels to hear how to best tune the system to your room
     * I always offer dinner music, so I must be set up prior to the dinner to be able to play it or for you to have use of the mic. Even if you don't use the mic I provide for free, I need one for announcements.

I work hard for you prior to the big day itself.
            * Meeting with you, phone conversations, e-mails, etc
            * Time spent ordering music and viewing your venue with the manager. I usually don't charge for special music you want.
            * I typically leave for the event at 11am and usually are back home by 3am

Usually I have at least 24-30 hours spent working for you. If you break the price down per hour, you are getting a good deal. Bear in mind there are additional costs to running any business. I must keep up on equipment, insurance, pay for employees, fuel, new music, advertising, phone and internet, etc. A professional service needs to maintain all of these things. If you are considering entertainment that is less serious about working for you, you could be setting you and your guests up for troubles.

Please call to get a price quote on your date and event.