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DJ Audio Equipment
The sound system offered is capable of delivering over 25,000 watts of clean audio power for an event of almost any size.  While this may seem to dwarf the power found in other DJs out there (many running less than 2000 watts), bear in mind that I scale the system to best suit the room I am in.  I have found that the efficiency of this system often times means I am using less than 1/8 of the system's true capacity. Noise complaints are very rare.

Many DJs have to push their sound systems hard to get what they want and your ears pay for it. I do find it amazing that I see other DJs out there that can play at a country club and a school gym and use the same underpowered and poor performing gear at both events. It is also funny, but sad that people will still complain that their ears hurt and that it was very harsh to listen to from such wimpy gear. There is one other element to the "harshness" that makes you cringe- the source of the very music being played.

My music is sourced from original CDs and vinyl records. Beginning in 2012, the music will be brought in on a 3TB hard drive. The music is identical in quality to the source- no space-saving measures are being used that would affect quality.

One reason for the terrible sound quality of my competition is lack of preparation. Many DJs arrive at a wedding reception once all the guests have eaten and the tables are being cleaned up. Sad! It is rude to say the least. Another problem with this is that there is no chance for a good soundcheck. I will always arrive at the venue to set my system up and fully test it and make sure you will hear quality sound that has been tested where you are or will be. I play many different sizes of venues and no two are alike. I am always hearing compliments that when announcements were made, everyone could hear it. It seems like a basic need for a room full of people, but this is a common problem.

Music Playback:

Numark CDN88 dual CD Player
Denon HC4500, controlled by Traktor
Denon DN-X500 Mixer

Main System:

1- Behringer DSP-9024,  6-band compressor/limiter
1- Aphex 204 Aural Processor
1- ART 355 Dual 31 Band EQ

1- EAW UX8800 processor (system processor)
2- QSC PL340 Amplifier (subs)
1- QSC PLX2502 Amplifier (Highs)
1- QSC PL340 Amplifier (Low-Mid)

4- EAW KF300z 3-way Virtual Array Loudspeaker

2- EAW SB1001 Dual 18" subwoofers