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Phone: 507-520-4376 Email: shows@stage1sound.com Home location: Blue Earth MN 56013
DJ Equipment Information

Stage 1 Sound has strived to be the best in sonic quality. The most common comments I hear from people at the shows are "how good the sound is" or "we can really feel the music." We encourage you to check out where we are playing to see and hear firsthand what they are experiencing.

I only buy professional gear from top name brands. The equipment is designed for constant use and mobility. Most DJs buy the basic, entry level (cheap) sound equipment they can get away with. I use touring/concert grade equipment that doesn't break a sweat while you party hard.

Lighting Information
Audio Information

This is the heart of it all- the music and what makes it sound good. There are many steps the audio signal takes to reach your ears. I have a serious sound system that has been engineered to do what I am using it for. There are no "smiley face" EQ curves or mis-matched gear. Just clear sound that you can hear and feel. The system is always tailored to suit each venue I am playing. Please see this page for specifics on the audio gear.

I also have equipment for live sound applications. Whether you are a band, presenter or just need to be heard indoors or out- Stage 1 Sound can make it happen.

This sets the mood or tone. Lights may not be appropriate for events held during daylight outdoors. Also, if the dance-floor is not present, or is not a focus of the event, a light show may not be necessary. However, if you want the "feel" or "mood" of a club-like dance atmosphere, a light-show is the ticket. Nearly all shows I do include the use of the lightshow. Click here to learn more about the lights I have.


I also have “stage” lighting for live sound usage. Whether it’s for a band or a play, lighting helps to enhance the performance area.